Sunday, February 28, 2010

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La Bella by gold star: Exhibition Hall with a show at Viterbo Tetrahedron

shows a path around a book, a story, a show
EXHIBITION from February 28 to March 14
original illustrations by Marc Claw
for the book "The Beauty of the Stella d'Oro",
a tale of Sicilian oral tradition, ed. Arianna

- Sunday, February 28 h.19 Hall Tetrahedron:
a collage of photos of the inauguration

Marcella Claw: A tour around an illustrated book, a story, a show ....
A Viterbo on display for two weeks a route shown:
of storytellers from the program in Sicily, the story of oral tradition, the cunto, supported by simple cartilluni "extremely unpopular throughout the home, with its more" advanced "and bourgeois: the book shown.
The exhibition also features the original illustrations created by Marcella Claw for "La Bella from Golden Star ' , novel oral traditions collected by the Sicilian Giuseppe Pitre in 1800, published by Ariadne in 2007 that inaugurated the series with this first book "Turutun Turutun Turutun - The Sicilian novel by Giuseppe Pitre " , edited by prof. Livio Sossi , Professor of History of Literature for Children at the University of Udine and Carlo Carzana , author of books for children of Palermo.
The graphic design of the book is Daniela Piscitelli , President AIAP (Italian Association for Communication Visual) and Member of the Graduate School of Design International doctoral research and innovation.

The exhibition at Hall Teatraedro of Viterbo has a dual route, with proposals of border between aesthetic illustration image and decoration that says next to the narrator (sometimes moving).

- Saturday 7 and Sunday, March 8 h.16:
show Puppet Theatre "by La Bella Stella d'Oro"
from the book the same name, for children 2 to 90 years
by the Society "The Metaphora"
Hall Chigi Via Tetrahedron 12, Viterbo
within the event dedicated to puppet theater
by the Company Teatraedro

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm A Pikachu In The Shower

Dear all,
the exhibition "Illustrators for Gaza" has now finally found a venue and dates.
The illustrations will be exhibited at The Gallery Affiche
in via Union 6 in Milan.
The exhibition opens on Thursday, February 25 at 18 rd and will remain open riday 26th February and Saturday, February 27 from 16 to 20.
Please have the widest dissemination, so that it reached the goal we set: to support a good group of children in Gaza.
The fact remains extremely dramatic situation, even if the media, away from the spectacle of bombs, do not talk about it.
We count on your participation in the inauguration, also to give a human dimension to this collective enterprise of our solidarity.
Farid Adly
Giulia Orecchia
Emanuela Bussolati
Gentilucci Adriano, L'Affiche, Milan