Monday, March 21, 2011

Are Yak Metal Cores Good?


In certain proportions, interest in others is a serious lack of calculation.

Welded Wire 'leaners,

The valley of giant pumpkins. New

Since it is a little place that stuff, here is a landscape study done for pure pleasure:
Valley of the giant pumpkins.
Since it's a lot of stuff Any time I'm not posting, here we are with a landscape I recently did just for delight: The Giant Pumpkin's valley.

I'm illustrating a book about Zorro for Oxford University Press, show you something later.
Zorro I'm illustrating a book for Oxford University Press, I guess I'll show something soon.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Synthetic Pheromones In Casinos

Preview Spring / Summer 2011 - Backstage.

Pending the official photos will post some backstage photos by Paolo Orefice, the model is the beautiful Nunzia winch, while the location is the studio of Marco Tramontano, who is the photographer of the catalog Journal.
What do you look like models, looking at this preview? Waiting for your opinions;)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dominique Simone Free Streaming

Drawing with the cutouts

continues, both in the Course of Children 3 / 5 years, and in that of girls 10/12 years, and in that of adults, the path expression shown using the cutouts.
Here is a selection of images, we start from the group of 15.30, that of children:

Here again the exhibition of the work of small, standing next to a drawing Valeria, the group of 10/12.
arrive At 17 the 10/12 , working dispatched like trains, the groups are divided, but often the 10/12 continue to draw for half an hour, while adults of 18. begin to show their experiments of the week.
Sometimes older children to leave their experiments: the marbled paper on the table to mark the last time were just to use the 10/12.

Friday working 15 to 20 and then to the City of Children and Youth, in three different age groups but with the same method I adapted to different ages and attention.
Lara's cards: