Thursday, September 23, 2010

سيريال Pctv

... And this year the project has a new home

again this year at Viterbo via
3rd Course of Experimental illustration
the BOOK drawn

with Marcella Claw
Illustrator and Professor of Illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone

After the success of "Telling images for" Paths with ARCI,
(Thanks again, and with whom he will continue a path of collaboration)
the Experimental Teaching Project Marcella Claw a House
at the Foundation OMNIA:

it is proposed in the new home of the Coordination of puppetry for High Tuscia
at the Foundation
the 3rd Course of Experimental illustration: the BOOK drawn
the course is aimed at students and adults and uses the ' illustration
as a means of experimentation and research,
then verifying applications
in the field of image communication
for realizzarea Course
a Prototype and an exhibition of illustrated books ..

design to tell,
drawing to accompany a story drawing
design to design ...

The course is aimed
- who has a natural aptitude for drawing and wants to strengthen
- who by training and interest is carry out activities related to the image
(designers, video artists, teachers, parents, creative, Students)

Friday, October 15 h.17, 30
Frequency: 1 lesson per week, two hours,
all FRIDAY '17.30 19.30
or MONDAY 'from 16 to 18 (this is haunting to be confirmed)
from October 2009 to May 2010 in Viterbo
at Citta' Children and Young
off in Via San Giovanni 1 (c / o Foundation Omnia, former rector)
information: 328 1822384 / 0761 435 064

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Panty Girdle Sharking

Collaborations: Sara Cimino

Piu 'that collaboration I would say that between me and Sara Cimino was born a real friendship, thanks to photography. I was looking for someone willing to take some pictures of my own clothes and through a social network MySpace widely used at that time, we known and so started working!

mythical meeting place of our photos is the Villa Floridiana in Naples, chosen by us, as a location for the photos that we made, on various occasions in which we took!

The model of the photo is Robert Fusco, a photographer that she has been paid to act as a model and Make Up Artist!

The complete picture can be found here: # / album.php? Aid = 2009436 & id = 1203845835 http://www
. / # / album.php? aid = 2005390 & id = 1203845835

Sara is not only a smart girl from the many quality and talented photographer, is also a famous blogger, in fact, is the creator of the blog Be Famous , Country Store that you go ...... and find One Person One Story .

I invite you to visit his Flickr page, with its beautiful pictures:

Monday, September 20, 2010

Liver Failure How Long To Live

Press: Viviana Musumeci's Blog and House in June 2010

On the number of House in June 2010, journalist Annalisa Palmieri spoke of my collection of swimwear limited editions in his article "Costumes style Campania - The jaws of the beach speak Neapolitan "citing my name next to the well more 'popular brands such as Yamamay and Robert Mazzei!

While on 5 September, the journalist Viviana Musumeci decided to dedicate a space in his column Italy's Got Talent with My greatest joy!

Thanks to Anna and Vivian for their support and for giving me dedicated space;)

Pregnancy Birth Anime

Etsy Shop : New Listings

There are new arrivals in my shop!
The first is an Alice band made of black satin with satin ribbons and a button to me that I purchased in 2006 in London, and headband, making this a unique model (OOAK).

continue with this exclusive dress of pink chiffon and satin. Shoulder dress line slip, ideal for all women, even those more 'shapely. Dress perfect for parties, cocktails, events and even for bridesmaid (maid of the bride) dress-only

Kates Playground 2010 Post

Etsy : Front Page ! Settembre 2010

Last week my shop went twice in FP, thanks to two great treasuries made by Tecolene and Call Me Mimi

The first of 12 September Tecolene:

The second of September 16 created by Call Me Mimi:

Thanks to both for the wonderful treasuries have realized that;)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Whats The Strongest Deodorant

True Nature

This is the design with which I have participated in the first contest to award the site www.mytshart. com and and came in first place! ^ ^
Soon it will be printed on shirts and sold on their site:)

Monday, September 6, 2010

What Abbreviation Sgcc Sheet

Events: Le mie creazioni al FASHION'S NIGHT OUT The Unofficial Satellite Event

Thursday, September 9th will be held in Caserta at the War Memorial in via the unification of Italy FASHION'S NIGHT OUT The Unofficial Satellite Event !! And I am pleased to participate and be there with my creations. For the second year Alessia Caliendo row, the creative mind of LittleBlackDress , has organized what promises to be a fantastic evening with the cooperation of the Collective Latrones.
I'm waiting for the evening and there will be "special price" and flock! I'll be waiting: D
I invite you to visit the Facebook page dedicated to the event Fashion Night Out!

Windows Blind Cant Uninstall

Etsy: New listing "Lady Lilac Dress"

A new dress came into my shop on Etsy! Lilac Lady is a cocktail dress made of lilac satin and chiffon, perfect for romantic women who want to be feminine and sensual.
line slip dress, is good for all types woman, by cutting under the breast that the dashing figure, and also to the overlapping panels of chiffon covering any forms abundant;)

Here's the link: lilac-lady-satin-and-chiffon cocktail-