Thursday, October 14, 2010

Port Royale 2 For Vista

Academy A lesson in the way in Viterbo LibrImmaginari!

LibrImmaginari 1st Edition
Theatre drawn .... E 'of the book scene

How does a book? How is the paper? Who writes it? Who designs them?
How heavy a hand when I get to read it? What memories I leave?
And then ... if the book goes to the theater?
There are heavy books, book light, books and books in a box in a suitcase, books the size of houses and small as inches, books of every color and black and white books, books and handmade books learn to make books ... in Viterbo all these books are called LibrImmaginari.
A festival dedicated to promoting quality picture book for children, six days of meetings with authors, exhibitions, workshops and performances brought to Children and Youth , Schools and Families of Viterbo and its Territory

A draft Arci Viterbo with contributions
of Lazio / Department of Arts Culture and Sport
With Sponsored by
AIAP Lazio - AIAP Italy
City of Tuscania / Department of Culture
Art Direction Marcella Claw
Organization Coordinator Marco Trulli and Elisa Maurizi
in collaboration with
Library Straffi of Viterbo and Book Enterprising Lazio
Sinnos Publishing
Coordination of Puppet Theatre for the High Tuscia
Foundation OMNIA / City of the Children and Young Viterbo


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