Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dominique Simone Free Streaming

Drawing with the cutouts

continues, both in the Course of Children 3 / 5 years, and in that of girls 10/12 years, and in that of adults, the path expression shown using the cutouts.
Here is a selection of images, we start from the group of 15.30, that of children:

Here again the exhibition of the work of small, standing next to a drawing Valeria, the group of 10/12.
arrive At 17 the 10/12 , working dispatched like trains, the groups are divided, but often the 10/12 continue to draw for half an hour, while adults of 18. begin to show their experiments of the week.
Sometimes older children to leave their experiments: the marbled paper on the table to mark the last time were just to use the 10/12.

Friday working 15 to 20 and then to the City of Children and Youth, in three different age groups but with the same method I adapted to different ages and attention.
Lara's cards:


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