Friday, January 1, 2010

L-r-g Special Blend Jacket

Waiting for the witch! My best wishes come

The houses of the witch, after the tale of "Hansel and Gretel", the touch of Nordic Saskia

recalcitrant parents start and then not want to stop ...

Between light and shadow and Fabrizio Augusto story "The Little Match Girl" of Andersen

Puppet Theatre and then a candlelight

here as we celebrate the first days of 2010 ...

today's story touches me.

imagine some 'who we fly in our theater of cream?

BEFANA but, of course!

good year yet


Room A Gatti, in Via Macel Mattesco 7, the town of Viterbo, including readings and workshops with the 'Cultural Association proposes Maninalto yet colorful events dedicated to children and parents.

from January 3 to 5 from 16 to 18.30 you will be greeted by a friendly atmosphere transformed into a welcoming environment soft and white as cream, where shadows between lights and colors, tell stories, they build houses for sweets and small theaters of shadow and mysterious witches, where he also created a spot for families where you play with the eternal art of storytelling: a genuine star cabin with puppets, where families and children can have fun learning the dynamics of the ancient story of puppetry.

ManinaltoTeatro with Fabrizio Allegrini , Marcella Claw , Saskia Menting

and Augusto Terenzi welcome children and families and guide them in this journey of sensations and memories, which, in this first day of the year, keep us suspended in the magic of Christmas.

Tomorrow January 6, from 15.30 to 16.30 in the Town Square, Grand Parade last of the Epiphany with Tetrahedron and always with Augustus, actor exception, all the present day: the afternoon Stefan continues with the Wizard of Tuscania,

then to 17, the trumpeting of Sharpshooters and ... last but not least ... 18 Befana arrives at the fire service will drop you from the Tower to distribute sweets to the children of Viterbo.

We hope to continue throughout 2010 to tell and tell and tell ...


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