Thursday, September 23, 2010

سيريال Pctv

... And this year the project has a new home

again this year at Viterbo via
3rd Course of Experimental illustration
the BOOK drawn

with Marcella Claw
Illustrator and Professor of Illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone

After the success of "Telling images for" Paths with ARCI,
(Thanks again, and with whom he will continue a path of collaboration)
the Experimental Teaching Project Marcella Claw a House
at the Foundation OMNIA:

it is proposed in the new home of the Coordination of puppetry for High Tuscia
at the Foundation
the 3rd Course of Experimental illustration: the BOOK drawn
the course is aimed at students and adults and uses the ' illustration
as a means of experimentation and research,
then verifying applications
in the field of image communication
for realizzarea Course
a Prototype and an exhibition of illustrated books ..

design to tell,
drawing to accompany a story drawing
design to design ...

The course is aimed
- who has a natural aptitude for drawing and wants to strengthen
- who by training and interest is carry out activities related to the image
(designers, video artists, teachers, parents, creative, Students)

Friday, October 15 h.17, 30
Frequency: 1 lesson per week, two hours,
all FRIDAY '17.30 19.30
or MONDAY 'from 16 to 18 (this is haunting to be confirmed)
from October 2009 to May 2010 in Viterbo
at Citta' Children and Young
off in Via San Giovanni 1 (c / o Foundation Omnia, former rector)
information: 328 1822384 / 0761 435 064


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