Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Panty Girdle Sharking

Collaborations: Sara Cimino

Piu 'that collaboration I would say that between me and Sara Cimino was born a real friendship, thanks to photography. I was looking for someone willing to take some pictures of my own clothes and through a social network MySpace widely used at that time, we known and so started working!

mythical meeting place of our photos is the Villa Floridiana in Naples, chosen by us, as a location for the photos that we made, on various occasions in which we took!

The model of the photo is Robert Fusco, a photographer that she has been paid to act as a model and Make Up Artist!

The complete picture can be found here:

http://www.facebook.com/ # / album.php? Aid = 2009436 & id = 1203845835 http://www
. facebook.com / # / album.php? aid = 2005390 & id = 1203845835

Sara is not only a smart girl from the many quality and talented photographer, is also a famous blogger, in fact, is the creator of the blog Be Famous , Country Store that you go ...... and find One Person One Story .

I invite you to visit his Flickr page, with its beautiful pictures:



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